Benefits for Buyers and Sellers

At the heart of any great brokerage company is its ability to buy and sell, lease commercial/industrial/investment real estate.

Mark S Bounds Realty Partners offers top-of-the-line commercial real estate investment sales and acquisition services for both buyers and sellers. Mark S Bounds Realty Partners uses an interdisciplinary approach including its appraisal, sales/leasing, management, and financial and banking experience to ensure every client achieves project success based on informed and calculated logic for the client’s final decision.

Leveraging the latest innovative technology solutions, we stay on top of all the latest advancements in the real estate industry. Our relationships and memberships in the world’s largest commercial/industrial platforms provide the broadest reach possible to our clients.

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Mark S Bounds Realty Partners

At Mark S Bounds Realty Partners, we provide you with a multi-step process to take you through every aspect of the commercial property sales or leasing process. The goal is to ensure you fully understand the economic value of your property before selling or leasing.

  • Valuation analysis - Your property is evaluated for its income potential, vacancy rates, market risks and mix of tenants.
  • Hold vs. sell analysis - This analysis demonstrates the difference in profitability when deciding to sell now vs. holding onto your asset and selling at a future time.
  • Supply and demand analysis - This analysis of your property estimates similar types of commercial real estate currently offered in the market place.
  • Sale marketing place - Once you've decided to sell, your property will receive maximum exposure to find you the perfect buyer/tenant.
  • Deal transaction management - Our experienced advisors and brokers will manage the entire process for you from start to finish.

Buyers, such as investors and owner-users, will receive a comprehensive approach to decide which real estate assets to acquire or lease. Mark S Bounds Realty Partners offers a complete menu of services for the entire buying or leasing process.

All of your requirements and decisions are couched with the client’s requirements in mind.

  • Exclusive representation - Buyers will get exclusive reports that provide tailored property searches and a detailed analysis of market analytics.
  • Customized searches - Our market review for our clients include access to comprehensive databases on the local, and national level as needed.
  • Acquisition analysis - Every commercial property that is a match for your requirements is closely analyzed. Each financial aspect of the purchase is highly scrutinized.
  • Market analysis - An evaluation of all economic conditions around the purchase is also completed during this process. This analysis includes a review of surrounding property vacancies, supply and demand, economic growth estimates and the expected rate of return.
  • Transaction management - The entire buying process is handled by our highly experienced advisors and brokers.